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Anxious Advances in NBC's Americas Got Talent

Anxious entered into NBC's America's Got Talent tryout weekend in Denver at the Denver Sheraton Hotel October 9th and 10th. Anxious crushed the 1st audition with a medley of his best verses. The panel of judges passed him on to the second round immediately. After a few hours of watching countless acts exit the audition room rejected, Anxious and manager Adam V. return to another panel of judges for another hearing. Inevitably Anxious with his fearless and flawless approach, CRUSHED the second audition and was therefore advanced to the Final round: an video taped interview with the producers of NBC's America's Got Talent. Anxious got to share with the camera and producers his genuine thoughts on music, family, life, and aspirations. Anxious now waits for a possible callback to represent Denver when the show goes into production next spring 2011. Stay tuned to for the rest on this breaking story... Lunalilo Di Vinci-10/12/2010